Anchored Rostock Max V2 Enclosure
x_anchored.stl776426 kBon 1/3/16 Download
xtpo_anchored.stl7622.7 MBon 1/3/16 Download
y_anchored.stl745413 kBon 1/3/16 Download
ytop_anchored.stl7832.2 MBon 1/3/16 Download
z_vented_anchored.stl7431000 kBon 1/3/16 Download
ztop_anchored.stl8052.3 MBon 1/3/16 Download
between_anchored.stl813199 kBon 1/3/16 Download
betweenfront_anchored.stl661186 kBon 1/3/16 Download
betweenfronttop_anchored.stl701162 kBon 1/3/16 Download
betweentop_anchored.stl7921.2 MBon 1/3/16 Download
Anchored version of the jfettig enclosure Includes some massive anchors to help fight warping when printing without an enclosure. I was able to print all in ABS with these and no rafts. The lower Z bracket also includes channels for allowing air flow to the vents in the top base plate.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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