Any Position Universal Filament Holder
shaft-x1.stl8531 MBon 28/3/16 Download
cone print two.stl760227 kBon 28/3/16 Download
filament cone plate print one.stl777237 kBon 28/3/16 Download
filament spool base plate print one.stl805389 kBon 28/3/16 Download
nut print two.stl745429 kBon 28/3/16 Download
img_0174.jpg9051.9 MBon 28/3/16 Download
This is an Any Position Universal Filament Holder that uses one skateboard bearing. Works great and looks kewl!
I used ABS 30% infill.
Attribution - Creative Commons
corski67 - on 6/6/16
Do you have a bearing number you can reference? A skateboard bearing doesn't really nail it down for non-skateboarders.
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