Duet and wifi, Paneldue and 4.3 LCD, 7 inch Touchscreen Mounting System for Rostock Max V2
IMG_0407.jpg31692 MBon 1/7/16 Download
1of3 base part.stl12234 kBon 1/7/16 Download
2of3 mid part.stl10640 kBon 1/7/16 Download
3of3 top face plate.stl10165 kBon 1/7/16 Download
3 of 3 top face plate 7 inch.stl0209 kBon 12/7/16 Download
Instead of one large part taking 18hrs. This is a 3 part system that will mount all the different boards except the Duet. The Duet will be mounted where the RAMBo currently lives. This is based on 3Dprints design but modified. Mounts directly where the old RAMBo lcd control panel mounts. 7-11-16: 7" LCD touchscreen mount plate now included.
Screw the parts together. Use a rotary tool to add holes and ports you wish.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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