FSR mount for Rostock Max (semi-universal)
fsr bracket v10.stl1043386 kBon 2/11/16 Download
fsr bracket v12.f3d1055459 kBon 2/11/16 Download
fsr bracket v12.step990127 kBon 2/11/16 Download
20161016_165157_hdr(1).jpg10913.9 MBon 2/11/16 Download
These FSR mounts are designed for use in aluminum, and were produced and anodized by Matt at 713Maker.com. The printed prototypes work, but are prone to tearing out the threads internally. Thread is a 4x40 to match the originally shipped parts from the Rostock max V2.
Central hole can be used to ensure alignment to original mounting holes. The other two holes can be used to tie it to T-slot (It was not designed for a Max metal however), or to ensure that the FSR's do not move. Either 2 or 1 mm rubber sheets can be used, however 1mm is suggested, and I suggest using rubber sheeting rather than the washers shipped by Ultibots. These accommodate Interlink 402 sensors, in either short or long variations with any connector style.
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