Gear lever switch cover
switch small.jpg95090 kBon 28/11/16 Download
modeled.jpg97538 kBon 28/11/16 Download
plate welded.stl8366.7 MBon 28/11/16 Download
raised switch plate.stl9396.6 MBon 28/11/16 Download
switch lever.stl792356 kBon 28/11/16 Download
this is a model I made with fusion 360. the was experimenting with using "sculpting" tools in Fusion 360 for the weld joint.
Raised switch plate has clearance if your switch is not flush with wall, I have not printed this one yet, there should be 2 solid layer before the switch opening and screw holes that will need to be cut open after printing, this should allow for bridge layers. used 3/8 bolt and lock nut to assemble.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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