OpenScope Case Files - Version 2 (Single head extruder)
Full Name Digilent
Location Pullman, WA
OpenScope_Bottom_Case.stl1026.4 MBon 2/2/17 Download
OpenScope_Buttons.stl101226 kBon 2/2/17 Download
OpenScope_Feet.stl995.8 MBon 2/2/17 Download
OpenScope_Top_Case.stl977.1 MBon 2/2/17 Download
img_3612.jpg812 MBon 3/2/17 Download
img_3601.jpg851.5 MBon 3/2/17 Download
img_3602.jpg801.4 MBon 3/2/17 Download
img_3604.jpg792.1 MBon 3/2/17 Download
img_3606.jpg811.9 MBon 3/2/17 Download
img_3607.jpg831.9 MBon 3/2/17 Download
Case to protect your OpenScope These are files for the Digilent Kickstarter for OpenScope:
We printed these using a glass bed for a smooth surface, with a low layer height (e.g. .12mm)
Attribution - Creative Commons
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