Barrel Fan Blocker
Full Name JJ Johnson
Location United States
Company SeeMeCNC
barrel fan blocker.jpg116343 kBon 2/3/17 Download
barrel fan blocker.stl118425 kBon 2/3/17 Download
Some awesomely powered fans on the HE280 hotend throw a LOT more air down and out the bottom than we had seen in testing, so we're molding air baffles that fix this. It's a really simple quick fix, and the printed baffles only take a couple minutes to print! Here's a link to a quick video on how to install them on the hotend. It only takes a couple minutes Once you've installed it on the hotend, run the autotune for whatever temp you're wanting to print at. Below is a sample Gcode to send to calibrate the hotend for appx. 220c M303 P0 S220 X0
Download and print a couple of these out of preferably ABS, Nylon or PETG rather than PLA. PLA will work.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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