PINE A64 Pedestal / Stand
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A Stand for the Pine A64 SOC Playbox Enclosure. Version 1.0 now has a hinge to adjust the visual angle. - A stacker pocket is added to the base. - Full access to the Pine connectors. - The hole for the Ethernet jack is also there but closed with a very thin layer, you can cut it out for to use it. - An additioinal hole in the bracket, say for a power-cable jack to the Euler bus.
It's made to print with 0.3mm layer height. The axis hole is made for a metric M4 bolt, min. 55mm long. Cut out two washer made out of say 'fine double sided sandpaper ' with a diameter of about 14mm, a middle hole of 4mm and a thickness of 0.8mm. Put them into the hinge two outer sided gaps and then push the axis through. They are there as friction resistance for the hinge, otherwise it would slip.
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