Broken Clamp Repair
Full Name Perinski
Location Czech Republic
lever_arm_for_clamp_4_inch.stl307225 kB9 months ago Download
lever_arm_for_clamp_6_inch.stl275226 kB9 months ago Download
pic.jpg26293 kB9 months ago Download
pic1.jpg28068 kB9 months ago Download
Description Broken Clamp Repair This clamp detail often breaks. The idea was suggested to me by the author of this model, but having studied in detail, I realized that it would not suit me. Therefore, I made my own version. There are two versions in the archive for 4 and 6 inch clamps. See the video for details: ------------------- ------------------ In China such clamps can be bought for a couple of bucks ( ), but I wanted to fix the old one. Buy & save with cashback - Links to used tools: NOGA deburring tool and Blades - --------------- Buy & save with CashBack - ------------ Donate with PayPal ---> Instagram ---> Twitter ---> Pinterest ---> Tingiverse ---> Facebook --->
Attribution - Creative Commons
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