Solder paste and flux Dispenser
Full Name Perinski
Location Czech Republic
Body-A.stl4253.4 MBon 21/12/18 Download
Body-B.stl3903.9 MBon 21/12/18 Download
Body-Full.stl5077.1 MBon 21/12/18 Download
Nut.stl4132.5 MBon 21/12/18 Download
tread_rod.stl4024.3 MBon 21/12/18 Download
pic.jpg37161 kBon 21/12/18 Download
pic1.jpg40833 kBon 21/12/18 Download
pic2.jpg389140 kBon 21/12/18 Download
Description I liked the idea of this author, but I decided to do it my way. The case is easier to print with halves, which can then be glued together. But if you want to print it right away, I added the case full. Build details on video ---------------------- ---------------------- See also: Luer Lock Adapter - or ---------------- Buy & save with cashback ---> -------------------- Donate with PayPal ---> Instagram ---> Twitter ---> Pinterest ---> Tingiverse ---> Facebook --->
Attribution - Creative Commons
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