XYZ Calibration Stack
Full Name Eric Ayars
Location Chico, CA
Company CSU Chico
teststack.stl161315 kBon 18/3/14 Download
Calibration-test shape for 3D printers.
Useful for setting the X, Y, and Z stepsize on 3D printers. Each layer consists of a square 5mm smaller than the previous layer, and 5mm high. Print this object, then measure the dimensions of each step, on each axis. Create a data table like so, in mm: # dim X Y Z 5 4.91 5.01 4.95 10 9.95 10.15 9.90 ... etc ... Use this data table to plot actual dimension vs. desired dimension, for all three axes. Do a least-squares fit on that data: the slope should be exactly 1.000. If the slope is different from 1.000 on any axis (and it will be!) then use the slope to correct the stepsize on that axis. For example: if X slope is 9.95, then multiply your x stepsize by 1000/995.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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