DropLit 3D Printable Hardware
Full Name JJ Johnson
Location United States
Company SeeMeCNC
78703 Bearing Bushing.stl1802100 kBon 13/8/14 Download
78704 Eccentric Spacer_machined.stl179383 kBon 13/8/14 Download
78748 Door Latch.stl102859 kBon 14/8/14 Download
38710 m5 anti backlash nut carrier seemecnc.stl72479 kBon 14/8/14 Download
40mm Projector Riser_Locator.jpg9112.8 MBon 14/8/14 Download
40mm Projector Riser_Locator2.jpg9212.8 MBon 14/8/14 Download
78751 30mm projector riser_locator.stl504424 kBon 15/8/14 Download
78752 40mm projector riser_locator.stl494442 kBon 15/8/14 Download
3D printable hardware for the DropLit. ***8/14 - Added Projector Risers*** ***8/14 - Added Door Latch***
As stated on the forum by johnoly99 "MAKE SURE you print the parts in PLA not ABS, as the resin can break down ABS parts if it gets soaked in the resin."
Attribution - Creative Commons
jjjohnson - on 13/8/14
Re-Oriented and Re-Uploaded parts. 8/13/14
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