E3D v6 40mm Fan Duct
Full Name MechanizedMedic
Location United States
E3Dv6_40mmDuctedShroud_V3_003.png728656 kBon 8/10/14 Download
MainBlock+Nozzle_v3.stl2483179 kBon 8/10/14 Download
mainblock+nozzle_v3_revb.stl1226166 kBon 9/10/14 Download
MainBlock_NoNozzle_v3.stl2457153 kBon 8/10/14 Download
mainblock_nonozzle_v3_revb.stl1250153 kBon 9/10/14 Download
VentedClip_v3.stl244271 kBon 8/10/14 Download
ventedclip_v3_revb.stl112971 kBon 9/10/14 Download
ventedclip_v3_revc.stl1225110 kBon 9/10/14 Download
E3Dv6_40mmDuctedShroud_V3.fcstd23851.1 MBon 8/10/14 Download
I wanted to make a cooling shroud/duct that had cooling nozzles as well. In the process of doing so I made four variants. The STL files have not been rotated to lay flat on the printing surface since I have not yet decided what orientation would be best. The first revision that I posted was fragile and tough to print. I started over from scratch and it's heaps better... The new design is denoted as "v3" in all file names. <br> ------>>>> UPDATE: The main block has been updated to be a little easier to print and clamp to the hotend. Also, new clips have been uploaded. Rev B improves the clamping ability on the hotend and rev C is for added strength. <<<
Version 3 (revB/C): The new parts should print better in some critical areas. Rev C of the clip is a little sturdier at the expense of a little air flow. -///- Version 3: Should be easy to print, especially with support enabled. -///- Version 2: Good luck... I tried twice - once with Slic3r, once with Cura - and the nozzles don't slice or print well.
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