Replacement Plexi Panels for Rostock Max v2
Rear Panel v1.0_fixed.stl1014147 kBon 3/11/14 Download
Side Panels v1.0_fixed.stl5146 kBon 3/11/14 Download
These panels will replace the plexiglass panels on the sides of the Rostock Max v2 (where the towers are) for the bottom section. They have vents on either side. The rear panel is a different size than the side panels, but the side panels for left and right are the same.
Print 1 of the rear panel and 2 of the side panels for full matching set! You should obviously print them upright, not as they are in the STL. Add some brim to ensure they remain in place. You can print all 3 at once if you fit them right. These models have been netfabb'ed!
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