58mm solar filter for DSLR
flange × 60 — female (3d).png21087 kBon 14/3/19 Download
flange × 60 — male (3d).png20217 kBon 14/3/19 Download
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flange × 60 — male (3d).scad2029616 byteson 14/3/19 Download
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flange × 60 — female (3d).stl20401.8 MBon 14/3/19 Download
flange × 60 — male (3d).stl20791.8 MBon 14/3/19 Download
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58mm solar filter for DSLR
Besides the printed parts you'll need: - [AstroSolar® Safety Film OD 5.0](https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/solar-observation/astrosolar-safety-film-od-5.0-(20x29-100x50-117x117-cm).html) or it's alternative. - 58 mm screw-thread lens mount. I took my from a cheap replica of [Mennon DV-S 58](http://www.mennon-usa.com/products/mennon-dv-s-58-screw-mount-58mm-digital-video-camcorder-lens-hood-with-cap-black.html). - Three 4×6 mm bolts (or similar) with nuts. - Cyanoacrylate glue ("Super Glue"). Print the parts with a heat-resistant white plastic tolerant to UV light and sandpaper them. Cut the bolting holes to fit your bolts. Cut a ø 70 mm circle (60 mm + 5 mm overlap) of the AstroSolar® Safety Film OD 5.0. Glue the film and one of the circle flange parts. Then glue the second flange part to the first so that the film is between two flanges. Cut the screw-threading part of the lens hood and sandpaper it too. Glue it to the triangle flange mount. Use bolts to connect the filter and the lens adapter together.
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